About Us

We have consistently strived towards the fulfillment of dreams, and do that proudly under the watchful observation of Dj Nyk. A brainchild of India’s number one DJ, Electronyk Academy is not only the school but a community of Musicians, DJs, Visual Artists, Audio Professionals, Veteran Producers & enthusiasts taking down the walls of GENRES. From student to faculty we share one thing in common – A Genuine Passion for Music. Established during the outburst of EDM/BDM in India, we are a cutting edge electronic music production and DJ school in the heart of India – New Delhi. Keeping one eye on all that’s new in the music industry, our priority is to enhance the creative process by working closely with each student in nuclear batches to address their specific needs & customizing the coaching approach along the way. With the experienced guidance of Nyk & technically sound coaching team, We have grown to the current status of being acknowledged as India’s premier DJing school. Our instructors offer a refreshing, cross-genre educational approach in a hands-on lab environment & their purpose is to help students translate their creative vision into a finished piece of work. The list of successful artists churned out of the Electronyk Academy vouches for everything we mentioned above. Enroll today to experience the best learning environment & an opportunity to become a part of an ever-growing community of talent.

Academy Photo Tour

Here’s a little sneak peak in to the state of the art Electronyk Academy Studios. Providing ease of learning through bespoke distinctive workstations, Electronyk Academy offers precise equipment to suffice the versatile needs of todays’ Electronic Generation.

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